It seems like all my titles lately involve food so I'm not going to mention the smooth peanut butter: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Are you new here?  Yes, you, the one standing in the corner wondering what the best way to make an inconspicuous escape is.  You should stay, we're not so bad.  Tuesdays are an okay party - we free-associate our way through a post, stick a button on it, and link up!  You should play!

If you're not new here, why am I even telling you this?

Note to self: do not pick jalapenos out of the garden and then rub your eyes.  What the hell are you thinking, planting those?  You don't even like jalapenos.

Note to garden: It's over, guys.  Give it up.  Fall is here.  Stop flowering.

When I was a kid my mom wouldn't buy us the smooth peanut butter, just the lumpy 'natural' kind.  When we protested these unfair conditions, she would reply in a disparaging tone, "Do you know how they get it so smooth?  It's full of icing sugar."

That's kind of a compelling argument FOR the smooth peanut butter, to an 8 year old.

I'm still not sure it's that terrible.

When I try to enter 'zucchini' into the predictive text on my cel phone, the first option it gives me is 'yuabigog'.  Well, obviously.  Those are way more common than zucchini.

I'm entering 'zucchini' into my phone because my garden is still producing them and I'm texting everybody I know trying to pawn them off.  See above re: give it up already, garden.

My kid is going through this phase where he sees 'monsters'.  I try to be nonchalant, but every time he exclaims, 'Monsters in the street!' I have to check and make sure they're still imaginary and it's not the zombie apocalypse.  Toddlers: ZA Early Warning System.

This phase of his is probably going to age me an extra 5 years.

So that'll make me...28.  Ish.

Stop motion Pac-Man using people.

I now have several ACTUAL questions for my questionable advice.  Some of them are HARD.  Who knew people would have problems that didn't precisely mirror my own?

I love a challenge*, though, so keep 'em coming.


*That's kind of a lie.  Challenges make me put forth effort and we all know how I feel about that.

Now I challenge YOU to go around and visit 5 other bloggy participants today after you leave your link.  You'll, my undying adoration or something.   Or some ham.  I think I have some around here someplace.