I'll be nudging myself into traffic soon. Think of the STATS!

A conversation, several months ago:

Me: "I got us Windows 7."

Paul: "Oh, okay, I'll install it soon.  Is there anything important we need to back up?"

Me: "I don't think so.  All the software I use is on my laptop."

Paul: "What about pictures?"

Me: "They're all backed up on my iPod."

Paul: "Oh, okay."


A text message, a few days ago:

Paul: "Installing Windows 7."


Another conversation, later that same day:

Paul: "He wanted music but I couldn't figure out how to get your iPod to work on the docking station."

Me: "It died after my trip to NY.  I thought it just lost it's charge but I plugged it in and nothing happened.  It may have bitten the dust."


A realization, later that night:

Me: Windows 7...iPod...photos...shit.


A relief, the next day:

Me: Okay, I burned CDs of all our photos from Oct 2007 to early Oct 2009...and this SD card starts at November 2009...which means we're only missing about 3 weeks worth of photos.  Oh, thank gawd.


You'd think that would be the end of the story, but that would be boring

An occurrence, the following day:

Paul: "FedEx delivered something."

Me: "Whee!  It's the Fisher-Price iXL learny-thingie that I won for Xander at BlogHer!  This thing is cool.  Look, you can put your own music and photos on it!  There's a SD card slot here.  That must be how you do it.  I'll just put one in so Xander can have pictures of himself!"

Me: "Hm, it doesn't seem to be working.  Maybe I should actually read the instructions.  Oh, you have to upload the photos using the USB cable.  The SD slot is just for extra memory.  It says, 'cards used for memory should not be used in other devices as they may become corrupt'."

Me: "..."

Me: "Wait, WHICH card did I just put in there?"

Paul: "Um...the one with the only remaining copy of all our photos from November of 2009 forward."


Honestly, it's like I'm TRYING to sabotage my own life for blog fodder. Even my subconscious thinks I'm in desperate need of something to write about.

(Most of the photos seem to be fine.  There are a couple that have become icons that resemble someone's scrinched-up constipated face.  I'm...sure they're fine.)