Breaking the 4th wall. Or is it the 3rd? I don't know, I've had a lot of wine and those dimensions keep running together.

So, I know those of you who aren't going to the BlogHer convention are probably sick of hearing about the BlogHer convention, but it occurred to me that I almost NEVER post pictures of myself here that aren't 20 years old. It's not because I'm hideous, or particularly self-conscious, it's just because I'm always behind the camera.

Also, I'm pretty sure nobody cares.

But! I thought those of you that ARE going might like to know that it's not some fucking whack job accosting you beside the WalMart booth (where she's clearly been sabotaging their audio equipment). It's just me. And this is what I normally look like:

It's possible that I could also look like this. I'm not glowering at you, I promise. I probably don't even SEE you. This is my thinky face. There will probably be the faint accompanying smell of burnt toast.

See you there. I was considering hiding in the room the whole time, but then Jenni reminded me there will be free drinks.