It's sad when the highlight of my week is moving my blog: Random Tuesday Thoughts


So, I think I've managed the move to Squarespace without leaving anybody behind and with only a few handfuls of my hair ripped out. 

If you're not reading this, I've obviously screwed up somewhere, and holy crap do I not even care right now.

But!  It's Tuesday!  And Tuesdays around the square space mean the same thing they did around Blogger - it's time to dump all your random thoughts into a post & call it good!  Ready?  Have at thee!


No, I didn't manage to re-do the RTT button.  It's still ugly.  And purple.  I'll fix it eventually.  Honest.


The "create post" screen for the space that is square is just as uninspiring as the last one.


Hubby and I went and saw Inception. least I think we did.


If historical events had Facebook pages.


If you're viewing this in Internet Explorer, there are supposed to be cute little social media icons over there on the right where those broken links are.  They're responsible for at least two handfuls of hair that are missing from my head.  They work fine in Firefox.  You should just switch to Firefox, ok?


FoN is a champion of my "let's get Keely a new job already" campaign and regularly forwards me job postings that she thinks I'd be interested in.  She sent me this posting for a "Ben & Jerry's Brand Ambassador", joking that it is her dream job:

Would you like working for the top brands in the world?  Would you like helping consumers discover new products?  Would you like having an impact on a consumer's daily decisions? Do you love Health and Beauty? Are you someone who takes great care of themselves?   If you answered yes to these questions, we have the perfect job for you, read on!

We are in search for BEN AND JERRY'S ICE CREAM lovers who will be executing various events!! 

Successful ambassadors will be responsible to visit stores within a set territory, to sell and explain the benefits of this products. You will become the client's sales ambassadors, and responsible to vehicle brand awareness.

When I actually read the listing, I wondered what the fuck being "interested in health & beauty" and "taking great care of yourself" have to do with ICE CREAM.  

Oh, right.  Thats a euphemism for "are you a hot chick?". 

Hot chicks like ice cream too, you guys.


Popsicles shaped like handguns.  Look into it, Ben & Jerry.


Poll: Color in the two gossipy bitches in the right side of my header or leave them grey?


After my disappointing 8-hour round-trip to the gyno last week, I visited my new GP and she called my naturopath and we all conferred and stood on one foot and chanted a rain dance, and the upshot is that I now have a prescription for bio-identical progesterone cream.  It's like moisturizer.  With hormones in it.  The pharmacist suggested that it absorbs better into fatty tissue.

So, if nothing else, I'll have a well-moisturized ass.  And that's important too.


That is all.  Go forth, and be random.

(Edit: DAMMIT. Bit of a learning curve here. sorry for the lack of Linky, folks.)