A fairytale (in the 3rd person, so I don't get all misty again)

Once, there was a girl.

(Well, she was a woman, really. But in her head, she was still a girl.)

She was sort of creative and stuff, though she never thought much of it. She liked to draw pictures and write dorky things to entertain herself. Some good friends said to her, "Why don't YOU have a blog?"

After a few weeks days she decided that they weren't being sarcastic after all, so she birthed a new blog amongst the millions of others being born that day. As an afterthought, she made a second one.

She thought it was kind of fun, this blogging thing, and before she realized it she'd been doing it for almost TWO YEARS. There were weeks and months where she didn't feel she had much to say, but the people who lived inside her computer inspired her to keep going. She tried to keep things light and entertaining, because she'd always felt that as soon as something stopped being fun, it wasn't really worth doing.

(The exception being that lousy "job" thing, which a person is obliged to keep doing if they want to keep eating. And eating is fun, of course.)

Sometimes she'd have bad days, like everybody, and sometimes she felt she had to blog them. One day she had a REALLY bad day, the kind of day that just makes you want to bash your forehead into the bathroom mirror so that some part of you is bleeding, and she blogged about it.

And then something remarkable happened. All those people who lived inside her computer gave her hugs. They all knew exactly what to say so that she felt a little better. Maybe not "BETTER" better, but "it'll be okay, so chin up, soldier" better. And that's something.

She felt this whole "blogging" thing was pretty amazing, really. Either everybody on the internet was kind and supportive, or she'd somehow lucked into attracting the nicest, smartest, and most sensible readers around. She wasn't sure whether to hug them or punch them in the throat for making her cry, they were so sweet.

On the off chance she met them face to face some day, she thought she'd just say thank you.