Random Tuesday Thoughts: BlogHer edition


Oh, hello, Random Tuesday Thoughts. It seems like a million things have happened since we last spoke. Apparently, someone tells me, Random Tuesday Thoughts are "huge in the UK".

(Did you hear that? I'm huge in the UK. That is totally going on my resume. Right after tends to believe even the drunkenest ramblings if it at all resembles flattery.)

Blush. Modest wave.

So, let's start with this:

In related news: I cannot, apparently, party for many hours 3 nights in a row anymore. I...feel like I've failed you all.

Inadvisable: eating nothing but organic fruits & veggies for months, and then switching to a diet of nothing but flour, sugar, and red wine; going anywhere near Chicago O'Hare airport; thinking that I actually believe I'm "huge in the UK".

Advisable: going to a blogging conference at least once in your blogging career; meeting some of the online people that you feel you really click with, because you probably will; booking extra time in the host city if you actually want to see any of it. Which I didn't.

Summary: BlogHer made me feel like a tiny fish in a Big Apple in an even bigger pool, if there were a thousand writers that are better than me and cliques and bewildering high school politics in that pool. But that's okay, because (much like high school), I had my peeps:

That's Becky, moi, Jenni, and Gretchen. Not pictured from our weekend posse: Casey, Mrsbear, and Andrea.

(Thank you Gretchen, for explaining that you almost never take a bad photo if it's from above. The double chin is still there, you just can't see it. Magic. Probably worth the price of admission.)

Oh, I forgot to mention that in the big pool with cliques and high school politics, there would also be a bunch of random people just GIVING you things. Here, have a necklace! Want some jeggings? Here's a whole box of Weebles!

But I knew I'd hit a low point with that when I had to answer not one, but THREE questions about tuna, and spin a wheel, all to receive...post-it notes. Post-its with the "Chicken of the Sea" logo on them.

I don't even LIKE tuna.

I obviously haven't absorbed my BlogHer experience very well yet, which is why I'm doing this on a Tuesday. You guys won't expect any kind of brilliant analysis out of me, right?

Also, I seem to have gone to NY with a horseshoe up my ass, because I won not only a pretty nice clutch purse, but a learning system from Fisher Price for my ingrate kid, and a $500 scholarship for another conference of my choice. Guess I've gotta do that again.

Blissdom, anyone?