ye olde cop-out post

From Google Analytics, yet another list of search strings that indicate exactly what kind of whackos you're sharing this web space with:

(also, I don't check my stats very often. Um...where did everybody go? Is it just summer, or do I smell or something? Maybe I should post something that isn't Random Tuesday?)

1. "dead squirrel" and windshield wiper (Holy crap, it's not just me. Maybe this is a suicide thing that squirrels do and I falsely accused Max?)

2. cat hit by car and now back legs don't work (And you think you'll find something on Google that will help? TAKE IT TO A VET.)

3. easy steps to suck your own penis (I...can't help you. And you DO need help.)

4. shoving centipedes in uterus video (I feel compelled to look this up on now. And obviously I name a lot of body parts on here because...)

5. wooden vagina

I think I need a shower now.