Water, water, everywhere, and now you can actually drink it: Zuvo Water Filtration System

Does anybody actually drink their tap water? I don't. I prefer to make myself feel 'safer' by drinking bottled water from our cooler, despite the fact that said cooler never gets serviced, is likely growing all kinds of bacteria, and the water sits there in a plastic jug that is probably leaching BPA.

But actually, tap water is more stringently regulated than bottled water. Bottled water manufacturers aren't required to provide their source, quality reports, or test for e. coli regularly. And I know all this, which means that my penchant for bottled water has less to do with 'safety' and more to do with the fact that my tap water tastes like ass.

So even though I don't really "do" many reviews, when Zuvo contacted me about trying out their Water Filtration System, I said yes. Because it sounded pretty ingenious, and cost-effective as well. Basically, it sounded too good to be true.

They sent me one to test and it promptly sat in my kitchen for a week, because I looked briefly at the instructions and thought I couldn't put it on my tap because you can't run hot water through the unit and I only have ONE tap, because I live in a wartime house the size of a peanut, and now I'm going to have to get a new sink or put it downstairs and run back and forth all the time and aaaaggghhhhhhxxxzzGAH toolazy! can'tfunction!

But, ahem, reading comprehension for the win, because you CAN put it on and just bypass the unit when you're running hot water. Duh.

I wasn't chosen for my technical expertise, okay? I was chosen for my razor wit and environmental alarmism. Anyway, the Zuvo is super easy to install counter-side, though the hoses running to your tap are kind of a pain. You can also install it under the sink, but it's a more complex process, and did I mention I was lazy?

At any rate, if you install it under the sink you don't get to see it in action, which is the cool part. The Zuvo uses a five step process to filter, purify, and generally de-stank your tap water:

1. Ozonation: mixes ozone with the tap water to improve taste & smell.
2. UV Light: kills microorganisms.
3. Photo-Oxidation: ozone and UV! Together! Releases the power of Grayskull! Further treats contaminants.
4. Filtration with lead removal: an activated carbon filter, similar to your standard 'pitcher' filters.
5. Post-filtration UV: More UV! In case you didn't have enough pretty blue light (also stays on for 30 seconds after it's cycle to ensure that things don't grow in the water in the unit...unlike my cooler, ahem.)

...and then you get a tiny trickle of water. That's probably my biggest complaint about the Zuvo, is that the flow? It's pretty low. But I think most on-tap filtration systems are similar.

I'll just resign myself to walking away and having a cup of coffee while my water pitcher fills up, because the results are AMAZING. I had a glass of water from the first batch, and my initial impression was that it tasted better, but still a little like tap water. Maybe, I thought, that's just the temperature? So I stuck it in the fridge and came back later and tried it again, and yeah - that little glowy space-age unit took all the grossness out of my tap water, both the kind you can taste and the kind you can't see.

I drink a lot of water. The Zuvo has been in my house for a week now, and I think I'm in love.

The Zuvo Water Filtration System retails for $300. Which, I know, doesn't sound cost-effective at ALL. However, you only have to replace the filter twice a year, at a cost of $30, and the UV light is good for 10,000 cycles, or approximately 7-10 years (each time you turn it on is a 'cycle', whether you fill a glass or a pitcher). When you stack that up against replacing your Brita filter or buying bottled water, it works out. Here's the math.

And, obviously, drinking any kind of filtered water is WAY better for the environment than drinking bottled water. I mean, I'm sure all you guys recycle, but 4 out of 5 water bottles end up in a landfill. So, be good to the earth, yadda yadda, even though I'm pretty sure she'll be fine after we all poison ourselves with chemicals and die.

(And, as a bonus, the Zuvo doubles as toddler entertainment. My son asks to turn it on about every 3.46 seconds or so. We've probably gone through half of it's ten thousand uses already. Which, now that I think of it, isn't much of a 'bonus'...so never mind.)

So! In addition to saving your health and saving you money, the lovely folks at Zuvo would like to give one away! (I can't help but feel they're shooting themselves in the foot with all this cost-effectiveness and generosity.) Here's what you have to do:

Go over to the Zuvo site and then leave me a comment telling me one thing you learned that you didn't already know about water, water filtration systems, or Zuvo's 5-step process. Make sure your Blogger profile is email-enabled, or that you leave your email in the comment, so I have a way to contact you!

For an additional entry, you can tweet this giveaway. Leave me a comment saying you did, and either include the link in the comment or include my Twitter handle (@superkeely) in the tweet. You can enter this way once per day.

The contest will be open for one week, until July 21st at midnight CST. Open to US and Canadian residents.

...Aren't you thirsty now?