Coming soon: a post that I actually plan and put some thought into (Random Tuesday Thoughts)


Tuesday Blogging: it's what people forget to do when they had a long and weird day filled with stressful appointments and topped off with arguments over whether or not an 8pm bedtime is really appropriate for a 2 year old, because said 2 year old thinks 11pm or even midnight might be better.

(That's the title I proposed, but they said it was too unwieldy. They have no sense of rhythm. So we'll just call it Tuesdays: Time To Get Random.)

I was running through the park the other day, and I stopped to have some water at a public drinking fountain, and I got the idea for the following evil scheme: I think I'm going to rubber cement some large silicone dildos onto the water fountains in the dead of night. Y'know, sticking straight up from the bottom of the fountain bowl so that when people bend over to take a drink, they get a big wiener in the face.

It's next on my list of evil schemes after 'taking over the world', so look for it soon.

Sandwiches in a can. Because they're not convenient enough already.

I saw a new naturopathic doctor today. To summarize: I am not completely broken, I can be fixed, and I can do it through conventional (read: covered by healthcare) channels. Also, I need more sleep and I should eat some butter. I think I love this woman.

I don't know whether to cry or applaud this, but I'll probably be signing up.

Do you ever feel like you're supposed to be blogging about Life, but life keeps getting in the way?