Maybe I'll upload & download my photography a thousand times and call it art: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Those Tuesdays, they sure sneak up on ya, huh? It's almost like they're taking lessons from those shifty Mondays.

Anyway. You know the deal - grab the button, write something random, and link up! If you don't know the deal, well...I just explained it. What more do you want from me?

I just realized that the BlogHer conference is like, a month and half away.

I should probably renew my passport, huh?

This week I've been the lucky recipient of the following new menopausal symptoms: insomnia, a rollercoaster libido, and the creepy-crawlies. I am mentally equipped to deal with only ONE of those in any kind of semi-normal way. I'll let you guess which one.

Good guess!

After my humiliating experience with the bank last week, they once again held onto a cheque I'd deposited through the ATM for way too long. I used to be able to access funds immediately after depositing them, but for some reason someone removed that from my account lately and now I have all kinds of trouble getting my money in any kind of expedient fashion unless I actually go IN to the bank. Which, as you know, is really easy with a toddler in tow.

So I called up the teleservice and ripped some poor guy's face off until I got my money. Then I rode the wave and sent the condescending lender lady a bitchy email. Now she's falling all over herself to get me my overdraft.

Essentially, I received confirmation that being a complete BITCH produces much better results than being nice about things. Sad.

I don't like being a bitch, but apparently I'm pretty good at it.

You know those decorative testicles you can get for trucks? I know, wtf, right? Well, now you can get them for your iPhone. Cause nothing says advanced technology like genitalia on your phone.

I decided the mint in my garden is now leafy enough for mojitos, so I got all the fixin's for mojitos while grocery shopping today. Then I went out to dinner with hubby and ordered mojitos. Yeah, I don't really get me, either.

This weekend coming up I'm attending a photography workshop with my Mom. It's kind of a 'getaway', in that I get to spend two whole days in the company of only adults and two whole nights without anybody waking me up in the middle of the night. You can expect many "arty" pictures of wheatfields in the weeks to come. I'm sure they'll be MUCH different than all the other arty photos of wheatfields that are available from local photographers.

Well, they might be WET wheatfields, since it`s supposed to dump rain all weekend.

(Fun getaway, huh.)

You ever wonder what would happen if you uploaded a video to YouTube, and then downloaded it and then uploaded it again? And then did that like, a thousand times? Well some people don't just wonder. They're people of action.

And so are you, right? So get randomizing!