The craving is possibly related to all the starving: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Well hello! Happy Tuesday. I'd invite you in but the cleaners cancelled and the dog crapped somewhere but I can't find it. So I guess we'll have to do this Random Thoughts thing on the porch.

Does anybody else have an uncontrollable craving for cheese after they wake up from a nap?

We were the lucky recipient of thunderstorms this evening as well as, apparently, a tornado warning. The report about it on the Weather Network's website said, "The thunderstorms could also produce large hail, deadly lightning, powerful winds and flooding rain."

As opposed to the kind of lightning that will hold you down and tickle you.

Rather than re-join Weight Watchers, I fired up my SparkPeople account, because it's FREE and the idea of paying someone to help me starve has always irked me. It gives you meal plans and workouts and cute little virtual trophies for keeping on track (or 'massaging the data' to make it SEEM like you're staying on track...cough, cough). It's actually a pretty amazing site.

Anyway, it will also track your walking/running route, so I've decided to make another attempt at being a 'runner'. I was finding it tolerable last summer, until I screwed up my back. Today I set out for the first time this year to run around the lake. I ran half way around before I had to stop and walk, and then ran sporadically a few times after that! (Last year, I was running all the way around without stopping.)

You know what that means, right?

I'm above average! I can totally slack off now.

Booze under a microscope. Pretty! NOW GET IN MAH BELLY.

Dear makers of the "Never Out" commercial toilet paper holder,


Awkwardly yours,


Those last two items might be related.

After discussion with my roomies, it has been determined that most people bring business cards to BlogHer to hand out.

I'll be stapling mine to zombified velociraptors, FYI. You know, for that personal touch.

Anybody know where I can get a really good deal on those? Let me know in your Random Tuesday Thoughts. Take the button so I know you're legit, mmk?