Back and minty fresh: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Hey, it's Tuesday again! The first Tuesday after I'm back, all refreshed and inspired from my photography retreat!

(Well, I'm back anyway.)

It really was a lovely workshop. I've seen a lot of the hosting artist's work before, but I've never seen her while working. That was pretty cool. And eventually I decompressed and realized that I didn't have to fold any laundry, I wasn't there to answer when work called, and nobody was chanting "Mom mom mom mom it's boken! It's boken! It's boken! Fix it? Fix it? Fix it? You fixed it!" in my ear. It only took 2 days.

(The workshop was 2 and a half.)

The other cool part was I got to spend some time with my Mom and have actual conversations about things that were not my kid, in a location where we weren't being monologued to death by said kid. Your Mom is not as cool as mine unless she would also sneak a box of wine into a centre run by the United Church.

I realized I'm starting to dread writing Random Tuesdays, not because I don't like writing them but because it means I have to go back to work tomorrow. *shudder*

Zombie Stormtrooper. It was only a matter of time.

Dear Spambots: This is NOT a fucking forum. Stop telling me you're new here. I don't care.

I finally picked mint out of the garden that smells like mint and not weeds. It went straight into a mojito. (It was after noon, so it was okay.)

Now to wait for some strawberries to add to those. Isn't gardening fantastic?

It took me a while this weekend to unwind and start feeling relaxed and creative, but it sure didn't take me long to pick up on the fact that all I had to do to get fed was show up. There were home-cooked meals 3 times a day, snacks in between, and they catered to all my weird food restrictions. Sure, I can have a cookie - they're gluten-free! Hell, have three or four!

In related news, I now weigh the same as I did post-partum.

*trudges back to Weight Watchers*

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