Things I get in the mail (bag lady edition)

I'm not one of those "multiple purse" people. I'm too lazy to move all my shit from one purse to another every day, so I just get one that works for almost everything and then use it until it falls apart. My last one was kind of beyond that point; it was literally hemorraghing pennies money. So, I hopped on etsy and found this from Krishna Arts:

Pretty, right? And twenty bucks. Score.

I also found these canvas totes from Dead Worry:

They don't have flat bottoms so they don't work that well for groceries, but they're great for a book bag or throwing a few things together to hand to your sitter or something.

Plus, I just like the looks people give you when you drag out a bag with an Octo-Owl on it.

Isn't this fun, kids?!