What can I say, I write like I read: Random Tuesday Thoughts


It's Tuesday! And you know what that means. Random stuff. So, y'know, just like every other day. Except it's a Tuesday.

This weekend it was my birthday and I woke up sick. And with a sore back. It's like I reached some kind of expiry date, or something. Where did I put that fucking extended warranty??

Anyway, I spent most of the day in bed, and not even in the fun way. So I'm taking a mulligan. I'll turn 36 NEXT week, okay?

Or maybe next year. Whenever I get around to it.

I hit the library today and picked up Stephen King's Under the Dome. It's new and popular, which means it's only a 7-day loan. The librarian pointed this out to me at the checkout, I guess because people have had trouble finishing it?

"I read fast," I told her.

Then I kicked myself mentally. Quickly. I should have said, I read quickly. She was going to think I was some kind of illiterate!

She handed me the rest of my haul - four graphic novels, a Janet Evanovitch, and something deemed "a Home Crafting Mystery", where the heroine makes soap and solve murders and falls in love with the police detective.

Um, yes, okay, so perhaps I'd already been judged.

What, like I'm the only person who assumes the librarian is judging them based on the books they borrow?

(I think the grocery checkout clerk is raising her eyebrow at my selections, too, so maybe I have a bit of a problem.)

A turtle riding a Roomba.

I was mostly ignoring the woman behind me in line at the grocery store today, other than mild annoyance that her 3 kids were climbing all over my cart. They were cute, so whatever, but I'm just not prone to striking up conversations with people at the grocery store. Until she said something about having SIX kids, and then I just wanted to figure out a way to rub up against her. Y'know, because fertility might be contagious.

At least I hope so, otherwise that new restraining order was for no good reason.

Bored? Build your own kaleidoscope.

So I guess I should go get crackin' on that great honking book Mr. King has provided me. Isn't it nice for people like me (who read quickly), to have people like him (who apparently have some kind of writing diahhrea)?

Let's get rahndom, dahlings!