Maybe if I wish really hard and click my heels together someone will bring me something limey and minty: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Okay, so the post before this Random Tuesday post was another Random Tuesday post. So sue me. Other people do it.

The inspiration, she is lacking.

Anyway. Not sure what a Random Tuesday is? It's like any other Tuesday, except that you get to brain-dump all your little wayward thoughts and call it a post. It would be a thing of beauty, if it didn't have such an ugly button.

It's a long weekend here in Canada. The May long weekend is traditionally when people make incredibly optimistic plans to do things outdoors, like go camping or plant their gardens, and then without fail, Mother Nature shits a typhoon on us. It's Murphy's Law or something.

But I took a day off work and planted my garden on Friday, when it was still sunny. Take that, Murphy, you fat bastard!

Okay, I have no idea if Murphy was a fat bastard or not. It just seems like he should be, somehow, you know? So then I had to look it up. Turns out he was neither, he was an aerospace engineer.

Like you need an engineering degree to figure out that things will always go wrong.

My garden is obliging me by already producing mint for mojitos. In fact, I got all jazzed about having a mojito yesterday, got all the ingredients, and picked the mint, only to realize that very young mint leaves...are not very good. Or possibly it was actually a weed.

At any rate, I still really want a mojito.

World's oldest sex toy. (Totally unrelated to mojitos. Not sure they had mojitos back then. If they did, they were probably lukewarm.)

For date night hubby and I went to go see How To Train Your Dragon. It was cute. When we were child-free, we used to go see kids movies all the time, without feeling guilty or judged. Now that we actually HAVE a kid, I felt like people were staring at us the whole time wondering why we didn't have any spawn with us.

Well, the other 4 people in the theatre, anyway.

Do you ever wish you could Photoshop real life? (I'd probably use the "stretch" tool on my legs and the "fisheye" on my chest. Then I'd copy & paste some friends.)

The other day Pat the Neighbourhood Gossip Information Hub said to me, "I've been meaning to tell you this, but ever since that big wind storm, that second pine on your property is leaning way to the left. I can see it from my study. I bet it cracked halfway up or something, you should get a tree guy to look at it, because if it came down on the house it could kill you!"

Before I could muster up enough sarcasm to thank her for this tidbit (that windstorm was a MONTH ago, Pat, how long were you planning to sit on that information?), she added thoughtfully, "Or if it went the other way, Max & Gertie might sue you."

Home ownership is an endless buffet of possibilities.

You know what else is a buffet of possibilities? Random Tuesday Thoughts.

(Oh, my god, that was the WORST SEGUE EVER. I blame the lack of mojitos.)

So, random up! Do your thing, link up, and be sure to do a few stops around the Random Tuesday Crew. They're the cats pajamas.