Tell me why I don't like Mondays: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Woo hoo! It's Monday! Er, Tuesday. That means you should get random - grab a button, write a random post, and link up!

Okay, you caught me, I write these things on Mondays. Mondays are my day off, but I have my laptop at home and occasionally check my work email. Today I made the mistake of trying to be helpful and answer some of my boss' queries.

Silly me.

My answers consisted of 1) I don't know where the job order is, I think Person A has it; 2) I set up the file and gave it to Person B to produce; and 3) I don't know how our supplier got the wrong idea about what we wanted, I'll call him immediately. And then I did that.

Later in the day I got another email from my boss saying: "You must have been smoking something because 1) Person A doesn't have that job order, it was in a completely different spot, 2) Person B didn't have the file, but it was in her slot (a shelf unit in boss' office with each person's name on a slot that we're meant to check) and 3) our supplier has the totally wrong idea about what we want."

So, to summarize: he was annoyed that my GUESS at the first question was wrong, and that the second item was not actually in Person B's possession but only the first place she'd look. I get this kind of eye-rolling, finger-pointy, what-do-you-mean-you-don't-know-where-I-put-my-glasses bullshit all the time from him, but on my day off? When I was trying to be helpful?

Bearing in mind that only the LAST item on that list is actually my direct responsibility, and that I dealt with it immediately, I considered the following responses:

1. I have to smoke a lot of pot to work for you and retain my sanity.

2. You don't pay me enough to support a drug habit.

3. Bite me.

4. Sorry, I was too busy looking at job postings online.

5. No, I wasn't smoking anything, but I didn't get much done because I golfed three days in a row and then didn't show up at all on Friday. Oh, wait, that was YOU.

6. (A long drawn-out rant about how pointless and disrespectful emails like that are exactly the reason he doesn't get any respect in return from his staff, and why morale around the office is at the "suicide prevention" level.)

7. Yes, due to your stellar leadership, we've resorted to selling dope to neighbourhood kids to keep the company afloat. Unfortunately, I've succumbed to the product.

8. Did I mention Bite Me?

In the end I chose to take the high ground and not dignify his email with a response.

(On an unrelated note, I think I'll call in sick tomorrow.)

That wasn't random at all. Surprise!

(I've also apparently broken my own law regarding blogging about work. OMG, how random is that?)

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