Someone ask Jesus what he used to clean his kitchen

I've recently come to the conclusion that for heathens agnostic-atheist people like me, Green is the new Religion.

Seriously, nothing makes me feel more virtuous (and maybe the teensiest bit holier-than-thou) than refusing plastic bags or buying organic vegetables. Switching out part of my cosmetic arsenal for a product that won't lay waste to the planet or make my face fall off is accompanied by a small, sure glow in my heart. The feeling that I did the right thing.

(And that product happens to fucking WORK? Hallelujah! Angels show up to sing hosannahs.)

Opting out of using pesticides in the yard? That's equivilant to 50 Hail Marys, or something. Buying dish detergent that isn't full of sulfates? Never mind love thy neighbour, I love the whole planet. Walking to work instead of driving?

Uh...I'm still working on that one.

Anyway. Lately I've become aware of a Canadian company called Only Green, who seem to have extremely stringent criteria and whose products have had rave reviews. A friend was hosting one of their EcoWorkshops, so I went. Naturally I ended up wanting to order one of everything.

I found myself cautiously ticking off the "Yes, tell me more about becoming an EcoAdvisor" box on the order form.

I'm TOTALLY getting into Heaven now.