Shortest Tuesday ever (Random Tuesday Thoughts)


It's Tuesday. But I'm nursing a Neo Citran and have a freshly laundered duvet calling my name, so this is going to be brief.

You? You can rant all you want. But it shouldn't be cohesive, technically, although I'm really too sick to care what you put the button on this week. Got a picture of your cat? Put a button on it, sure.

I gather that what Jehovahs Witnesses peddle door-to-door is salvation, but they should really be marketing their TRUE talent, which is to ring your doorbell at precisely the right moment to fuck up your kid's afternoon nap.

My bathroom still isn't finished.

Canned unicorn meat.

My head is full of cotton balls. Phlegmy, phlegmy cotton balls.

Yeah, that's all I got. Spring is lovely, but it's trying to kill me. Neo Citran is my only friend.

Happy Tuesday, y'all.