I'm all about the child labor around here, ninja or not: Random Tuesday Thoughts


It appears it's Tuesday again. Damn Tuesdays, with their regularity.

Well, you know what that means! It means it's time to dump all your random thoughts into a post and sew it up neat with the fugly button. Then link up, visit a few other people who are like me and too lazy to come up with an actual post random!

Shall we?

I have another appointment with my naturopath tomorrow. She said I clearly have a hormonal imbalance (duh) and wants to do some technique called Auricular therapy. Which is...like acupuncture on your ear only?

Is it just me, or is this getting flakier?

In a semi-related note, a few weeks ago I went to my GP to get her to make another referral to a gynecologist, because it can take up to a year to get an appointment with a good one here and I may as well have it waiting in the wings if the naturopath doesn't figure things out, y'know?

Not that I think the naturopath won't figure it out. I'm sure she will, if I belieeeeeeve hard enough and cross my fingers and twinkle the right amount of fairy dust.

Anyway. The GP looked at me suspiciously when I told her I haven't had a period since December, because the last time I talked to her I was getting them every two weeks. I interpreted her look and sighed in reply, "No, I'm not pregnant."

"Are you sure? Because I've seen many a blood test come back positive when the home pregnancy test was negative."

Then she sent me for the blood test and I spent two weeks obsessing over the possibility that I was harboring some kind of ninja fetus that didn't show up on pee sticks. (Hubby was okay with it, because every time I demanded, "Are you sure my boobs aren't bigger?", he got to check.)

Not surprisingly, the blood test was negative. I was disappointed.

I really wanted a ninja.

I've noticed that I make excuses for people's behaviour a lot. Oh, they're very young. I made lots of bonehead moves when I was younger, too. Or well, maybe they're stressed and carrying a lot of anger.

Conversely, sometimes I wish I had an assassin on retainer.

I'm a complicated soul.

If I'd birthed a ninja, I would have had an assassin at my beck and call. So now I'm doubly disappointed.

Admiral Ackbar toilet. Holy trap.

My bathroom is still not finished. I have resorted to this:

What? He works cheap.

It's Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, you guys. You should go. Not that I'm trying to convert anybody, or anything. It's just that it's FREE COMICS.


(In case I forgot to mention that.)

Your turn! Get outta here, yous crazy kids, and be random!