Flowers and unicorns AND that centaur: Random Tuesday Thoughts


I'm writing this week's post early because we're having some people for dinner.

("Over" for dinner. OVER. We're not frying up their liver with fava beans or anything.)

(Though I do have this recipe I've been dying to try. Haha, get it? Dying? Oh shut up, let's see you do better.)

(We've been all socially busy and shit this weekend. I hope my kid doesn't learn to expect it, it will be back to the PBS Kids babysitter in no time.)

ANYWAY. On to randomness. Know what you're doing? Great! Grab your button and get going! Don't know what you're doing? Well, I can only help you with the Random Tuesday part of that. Write a random post, grab the button, and link up with Mr. Linky. Visit a few of your compatriots in randomisity, too - there are some seriously fucked-up funny people out there.

Betty White with a flaming chainsaw, riding a John Ritter centaur. Clearly, I can take lessons in random from THOSE people.

My bathroom is still not finished. I'm told "tomorrow".

I think I might have to fire my cleaners. I've only stopped crying about it just now. Oops, no, wait, there I go again.

Apparently a drunk Apple employee left the next (unreleased) generation of the iPhone sitting on a bar somewhere. Tragic intel leak, or viral marketing? You decide.

There are many good reasons to go to Vienna. But, uh, a bar shaped like a rectum is not one of them.

I'm relying heavily on other people's stuff today. I probably should have made it into a "thing" instead of hoping y'all didn't notice. I probably also should not have drawn attention to it.

Look! Something shiny!

Microsoft is trying to turn us into ROBOTS!! I knew we should never have trusted them. I was certain of it when my laptop tried to smother me in my sleep. Stupid laptop, it didn't know to use the pillow. Technology gets trumped again (a.k.a Rock beats Electronics).

It's spring here now. I know that most of you were crawling out of your dark Holes of Hibernation and blinking at the sun weeks ago, but it's a longer process on the baldass prairies. But it's here, and it's really warm even, practically summer.

Is it pessimistic of me to assume that this means our summer will be cold and rainy and plagued with locusts?

Whoop, okay, talking about the weather. That's sad. You guys can do better - get your own spring random going. There had better be flowers and unicorns! *shakes fist*