I'll just get them to tile over the existing bloated corpse: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Hey, it's Tuesday and I'm BACK! I'm no longer self-medicating and feeling sorry for myself!

Well, okay, I am. But I'm blogging anyway.

Did you guys have fun over at Amy's place last week? It's bitchin', huh? Like some kind of bitchin' wives club, or something.

Anyway, regarding the Tuesday randomness: You know the drill - write a random post, grab the fugly purple button, and link up! Then visit some of your cohorts and make friends. The four people above you or something. Or, y'know, do whatever you want. I don't care.

Wait, did that seem bitchy? Hm. Surprisingly, I don't care about that either.

Hubby and I just spent part of our date night at Home Depot. I know, we rock. First Wal Mart and now this. But we were picking out tile for the bathroom, which is getting a little facelift. I am super pumped about that. It's starting to look a little...well-used.

Actually, if you squint, and not even that much of a squint, it looks like the kind of bathroom that your bloated corpse would turn up in after you took up heroin and your family lost track of you for a while.

I'm even more super pumped about how we're paying for said facelift, which is not with money that we don't have or we would have reno'd long before it started looking like a place where crack whores pee. No, hubby is trading one of his contractor friends a bunch of Metallica crap memorabilia for painting, tiling, and possibly installing a fan. So - winnity-win for ME!

So glad I didn't drop a match on that stuff that one time.

I have a job interview tomorrow. I feel like throwing up. I haven't had to interview for a proper job since 2003.

Are nipple tassles still appropriate?

My tooth hurts.

I'm completely repulsed by this girl who got her tongue forked, but I can't stop watching it anyway. I bet she's popular. I'm really, really glad nobody suggested this to me in high school, when I was younger and stupider. (Well, younger.)

I feel like I need to go study for this job interview now. Kill me now. Er, I mean, wish me luck.

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