Maybe I should suggest my MIL get some flashing lawn lights: Random Tuesday Thoughts


So, yay! It's Tuesday! Seems like just yesterday it was Monday!

You know the deal - write your random post, grab the fugly purple button, and link up! Don't forget to shine up your karma and visit a few of the other participants, too. I don't pay you guys for nothin', you know.

Shall we begin?

The in-laws called yesterday and said they wanted to meet us for dinner. They live 1-1/2 hours out of town, so they wanted to meet us halfway.

"There," my MIL said as we settled down at the table, "Isn't this a better idea than us driving all the way into town and then back?"

You mean the part where we trap a cranky and overtired toddler in a car for 45 minutes, then pin him in a restaurant booth for a crappy, podunk town meal for over an hour, and then he passes out in the car on the way home, thus ruining his nights sleep entirely? Yes! That's a fantastic idea!

For YOU.

Y'all made me feel so guilty for heating my bath water during Earth Hour on Saturday, that I lit some candles and tried to draw instead. But it turned out to be a little too dark for that, so I just sat. And thought.

Not surprisingly, I ended up thinking that it was way too quiet, and that every distant tire squeal or scream - wait, was that a scream?? - was a sign of the impending Zombie Apocalypse.

So I picked my nose instead.

What? It needed to be done.

The neighbours have one scrawny tree in their yard that's lit up with those spastic, seizure-inducing flashing Christmas lights. I noticed they were off on Saturday night, while I was looking to see if anybody else was participating in Earth Hour.

They turned them right back on the next day. You guys, it's almost APRIL.

I comfort myself with the thought that when the dead DO rise, my neighbours lawn is basically a flashing buffet sign.


Hubby is watching Batman Beyond while I blog. Must...resist...laughing at...fake gravelly voice.

Yeah, so...I'm going to go watch the fake gravelly voice now. (If you try not to listen, it's good eye candy.) Want to play? You know what to do!

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