I'm promised civilization by Tuesday, but it will be some random Tuesday (Random Tuesday Thoughts)


Oh, hai. It's Tuesday. Well, actually, for me, it's Monday, and not even the 'close enough to Tuesday' time of day that I usually write these posts, it's Monday afternoon. I have something going on later. YOU PEOPLE DON'T OWN ME.

I feel weird, though, blogging in the middle of the afternoon. I mean, when I'm not at work.



In addition to all the spiralling out of control that the bathroom renos are doing, on Saturday the drywall dust, combined with the massive amounts of water we were running through the plumbing to ensure none of the new fixtures leaked, made the sewer back up. So we abandoned ship and went out to stay at my parents Ranch, where we could flush and wash in relative leisure.

Well, by "we" I mean "my son and I". I left hubby behind to deal with Roto Rooter and the lingering stench. Some things are just "blue" jobs, y'know? Heh.

There is wi-fi out at the Ranch now. But there is also this pervasive sense of serenity and quiet, that makes me want to take long walks and then nap afterwards.

And think about zombie apocalypse survival. Here's a flow chart.

After the sewer backed up the first time, I soaked everything (mostly water)(well, stinky water) up with towels and threw them in the washing machine. Then I ran the washing machine.

Because I am SMRT.

Obviously, the sewer backed up again (mostly water)(still stinky) when the washing machine drained and I was left with sopping wet towels and no way of absorbing the new overflow. Until my eye lit on a bag of left over newborn-sized diapers.

I am fucking MACGUYVER, you guys. And diapers are frighteningly absorbent. I shudder to think what would happen if an ocean liner full of Pampers capsized.

Bruce Wayne has disappeared, but he's not dead. He's just been busy honing his lightsaber skills. Underwater, even.

I wish I could win the lottery so I could build my own serene Ranch. About a million would do it. And another million to soundproof the toddler.

Do you ever not check your lottery ticket because you want to spend more time imagining that you might have actually won?

I feel like napping. Everybody else is napping. I should be napping. You should be napping, too! I hereby declare a group nap!

Oh, well, wait. You need to write a random post first. And grab your button and link up. THEN you can nap.

(I'll be over here. Getting a head start.)

(I really wish I had the power to declare Group Nap.)