You can get yourself cleaned, you can have a good meal, you can do whatever you feee-eee-eel

Remember last week, when I posted about how we traded some of hubby's Metallica crap memorabilia for a bathroom reno?

Why the hell didn't anybody think to warn me that it was going to spiral out of control?

I mean, I should know this. I saw The Money Pit. Okay, I was only 8, and a lot of it was over my head at the time. But I totally get it now.

I dragged hubby to Home Depot earlier this week and picked out tile with glee, and it was pretty affordable. Sort of. (What? I have champagne tastes.) But then we realized that we needed grout, and mortar, and sealant. So now it was only kind of sort of affordable. There was still glee involved, dammit.

I went off to work on Thursday light-hearted. I was going to have a beautiful new bathroom! By the weekend!

I got a text from hubby at 10am from hubby: "Black mold."

This was...not totally unexpected. (I did say our bathroom was beginning to look like somewhere crack whores go to die.) But there was a lot of it, and I returned home from work to find the entire bath gutted, insulation and all. And left to "air out".

And then somehow, that turned into needing new faucets (which means you need a new towel bar! To match!), and replacing the pipes. And installing a fan, so that we aren't just creating another mold farm. Hubby's Metallica-lovin' buddy is being way too generous with his time, and doesn't seem at all perturbed about all this extra labor. Hubby assures me he's offered to pay him more, and been rejected. Am I outing myself as a wretched ingrate if I just want my bathroom back?

Because, as gross as my bathroom was, borrowing other peoples showers or cleaning up at the Y like a frickin' hobo?


Also, other people's beautiful bathrooms make me want to renovate.