Kind of wondering why I'm still wondering about this.

At about 4am today my kid's stomach decided to reverse gears, and when the phenomenon repeated itself at 6 I realized he wasn't going to daycare, and I was in for a nice, relaxing, vomit-filled day off work. But I had to get my paycheck into the bank, lest there be a bounce-fest of epic proportions, which sounds a lot more joyous than it really is. So hubby spelled me off for a short while so I could go do that.

While I was driving there, I stopped to allow two pedestrians to cross. One was an older lady in a bright red coat, who looked a little confused that I was stopping at all, and then took her sweet time meandering across the intersection. When she passed in front of my car, she smiled and pointed skyward.

I have no idea what that meant.

"Oh, bless you for stopping, child, you'll surely get into heaven"?

"Look out, someone's about to drop an anvil on your head"?

"Thanks for stopping, I was totally going to fly, but I'm stuck walking across the street like a fucking peasant"?

You try to do something nice, and people just confuse the shit out of you in return.