"Awesome" is about as over-used as "random": Random Tuesday Thoughts


Obviously I was a little lacking in the posting last week. I suppose I could have taken a picture of the gross alien ooze coming out of my sinuses, but, y'know. I actually like you guys. So, Tuesday? Consider yourself Randomed.

My MIL was here last week. She always brings food, and it's always in Cool Whip containers. What is with the abundance of Cool Whip containers?? Has she been stockpiling since the 80s, or...oh. Wait. Ew.


Never mind.

I'm sure I've posted here before that I have house cleaners. It's not because I'm rich; I could be the single unemployed mother of 7 children who was ineligible for welfare and I'd still find money to pay my house cleaners. Because they can clean my house in under 2 hours. Why can't I?

I took a few days off of my 2 Week Resolution because I was sick, but otherwise I've been sticking to it and entering a design contest a day at 99designs.com. No wins so far, but the hidden goals (improve my skills with Adobe Illustrator and lose my attachment to each project) have been going well.

I don't, however, know why I ever thought online clients would be any easier to deal with than regular ones. They're just as fickle and confusing. Perhaps more so, because you can't see the elaborate hand gestures and the sketches they did on cocktail napkins.

I'm changing the next 2 Week Resolution to be "eat 7-10 servings of fruit & vegetable and drink 8 glasses of water each day". It's not very exciting, but I'll have more time for blogging. You're welcome.

Or not, depending on what I post.

I think I mentioned that my doctor just up and closed her practice? Before she did - so like, in November - she referred me to an OB-GYN to try to get this whole "apparently going into menopause at the age of 35 but maybe not stupid fucking uterus" thing figured out. In December I called them up to make sure they'd gotten my information, because my doctors admin staff was brutal for just inconveniently losing those types of things. They said sure, we'll call ya.

So today - that is, today in FEBRUARY - I called them again wondering where my phone call with an appointment was (the appointment that will probably be months away anyway). They said, "Oh, someone will call you back this afternoon!"

Unsurprisingly, nobody called.

I fucking LOVE our medical system.

So Facebook is dicking around with formatting again in an effort to appear "new and improved". Annoying. Don't you just want to say, "It's not a fucking scab, quit picking at it?"

As a painful sign of the times, however, their 'facelift' warranted a large article in our local paper. On the opposite page, a guy getting stabbed got a small blurb.

I can't find any internet awesomeness to share with you guys this week. That's kind of worrisome. Has the creativity of geeks on the interwebs finally run dry?

That's your mission this week. PROVE ME WRONG. Go forth, and awesome-ify the intertubes again!

(Is too a word.)

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