I feel I owe you guys a post, or at least owe it to myself to write something, but I also feel like I have nothing to write. I have all this paralyzing angst lately. And nobody wants to read about THAT.

I also have several things in the works that might get me out of that place of paralysis, but I don't want to jinx them. You've probably read between the lines by now and figured out that my one major soul-killer is my job, so they have something to do with that.

I finally got a real live naturopath on the phone and made an appointment for Monday. (It turned out that the referral to a gyno that my doctor was supposed to make before she abruptly closed her practice, did not actually go through. It took them 3 months to call me back and tell me they'd never heard of me. So rather than go through the whole process again with a new GP, I am just going to go to a health practitioner that is more in line with my beliefs anyway.) There is a 12-page "getting to know you" form that I have to fill out. Want to know what kind of poops I have and whether I was breastfed within 10 hours of being born? Probably not, but apparently the naturopath does.

I don't really think that my job is the cause of my weird menopausal symptoms, but just filling out that form drove home how very toxic it is. Physically and emotionally. Every day, I absorb stress and anger and bitterness along with the dust and solvent fumes.

I gots to get out of there, you guys.