The over-use of brackets will lead to the downfall of western civilization: Random Tuesday Thoughts


It's Tuesday! Know what that means? That tomorrow is Wednesday!

(Hey, some of us call it Hump Day for a reason, y'know.)

...Okay, fine, that's not ONLY what it means. It also means it's time to get your random thoughts in a row, and post em up where everybody can see. It's like mental exhibitionism! Ready? Flash us!

I started my new 2 Week Resolution on Friday, which is to eat my 7-10 servings of veg a day and drink my 8 glasses of water. So far, it's going pretty well.

(Wine counts as a fruit, right?)

Saturday was my only failure. We had to go to hubby's small hometown for a funeral, and they're good old-fashioned Ukranian stock there. The local vegetable is a perogy. Fruit comes in the form of those little colored marshmallows floating in Jello.

I'm thinking of becoming a translator. I've got a great ear for languages. It took me mere seconds to translate "Boo nose!" from toddlerese into English: "I just shoved blue Play Doh up my nose when you weren't looking!"

In addition to the Dreambox, my Mom also brought me this fridge magnet from their trip to Arizona:

(She insisted if I were going to blog this, that I mention that it was my choice to receive this magnet. It was. My other option was a magnet that said, "Drinks Well With Others.")

(I think she may be on to me.)

Everybody have a good Valentine's Day? We don't really feel any pressure to celebrate it around here, but hubby did bring me some Laura Secord chocolates. I thanked him for contributing to the cause - that is, getting my ass its own zip code.

(I'm thinking of starting a Facebook group.)

Did anybody get anything unique for Valentine's? Like, say, a computer mouse shaped like a vagina?

My favorite recent google search is a toss-up between "how to neutralize the odor of Febreze" (uh...don't use it in the first place?) and "I think this is a mouse turd on my mango". Who stops to search these things?

I mean, dude, if it's a mouse turd, just flick it off. Otherwise it's probably a sprinkle or something.

Anyway. There are Laura Secord chocolates healthy, healthy vegetables calling my name. MOAR FIBRE.

Random up, you guys.