New curse word: Wafflenog! (Random Tuesday Thoughts)


Do you know what today is?  ‘Tis one of only FOUR Tuesdays in the Yuleicious month of December!  And here is my gift to you – Random Tuesday Thoughts!

(There could be more than four, actually.  I’m too lazy to check.  The sentiment still stands, and YES Yuleicious is totally a word.)

So let’s get noggin’!

I haven’t actually started on the nog yet this year.  I’m exercising my will.  Or haven’t gone to the grocery store, either one.

I might get up off my duff for Adult Chocolate Milk though. Nom.

My tree is actually up* before the 15th of December, which is virtually unheard of in the UnMom household.  I guess we’re, like, adults now or something.

*Note: Did not say it was decorated.

There are many work and job-finding goings-on that are, um, going on, but I can’t really get into them.  They involve ninjas, and ninjas don’t like it when you tattle.

Today I bought a font.  I almost never do that, since I can get them for free or buy them through work, but it was ssssssoooooo perfect!

Hey, you get excited about shoes, I get a charge out of fonts.

(Mind you, I bought some shoes, too.  As part of the obligatory Christmas Shopping Tariff.  You know, how 15% of all your Xmas shopping expenditures, you get to spend on yourself?  What, they don’t do that where you come from?  You should move.)

I have written exactly ONE fan letter in my time – to John Cusack.  Last night hubby and I watched Hot Tub Time Machine.

I’m really glad I didn’t send that letter.

And now I give you waffle Tetris:

(from Topcultured)

Hm.  Now I want waffles made with eggnog.  And garnished with Adult Chocolate Milk.

I also want you to go write a Random Tuesday post! (And bring me some waffles while you’re up.)