Whatever happened to that thing, with that person…?

Seeing as it’s a new year (Rabbit!) I thought I’d tie up a few loose ends.  You know, those things that you sometimes blog about and then become a non-issue in your world, so you forget to tell everybody how it all turned out? 

So whatever happened with…

…the ultrsound call-back to tell me about my liver tumor gall bladder?

Okay, it wasn’t a liver tumor OR an ossified fetus (though there are some benign cysts on my liver).  According to my doc, it wasn’t anything, and the pain and discomfort I’ve been feeling on that side of my body must be muscular.  She prescribed me some muscle relaxants that did nothing at all.  I still feel like I have an extra organ in there or something.

the meditation?

Um, well, I haven’t been back.  Not that I didn’t like it, just that it’s hard to coordinate my mother and I to get there, and I feel underqualified to go by myself (if one can be underqualified to breathe).  Still want to go again though.  More breathing in 2011!

the South Beach diet?

I’d probably be posting bikini shots of myself by now if I’d stuck with it, so let’s just say that it’s not conducive to life during December (or October…or November).

…the dream job?

Well, I didn’t get it, obviously.  I didn’t even get an interview, despite my well-matched qualifications, and when I called to inquire why, they only said “There were better-qualified applicants”.  Which of course I assumed means I just suck.  The career counsellor I’m working with assures me that sometimes they already have a candidate in mind, but are obliged to post the job anyway.  On good days I believe her.

the fridge?

I know you were hanging on the edge of your seat with this one.  C’mon, the state of my household appliances affects your mental health, I know.

Anyway, it’s still going.  It continues to make dreadful noises (including some kind of hissing sound from underneath that makes me concerned that it will burst into flames), but still keeps things cold.  Replacing it during the Boxing Day sales would have made the most sense, which means that it will crap out when appliances are the most expensive.  So, like, June? 


And now you’re all caught up.  What are you doing to start the new year?