Hmm, mojitonog, has possibilities: Random Tuesday Thoughts



I’m back!  Back!  Also, on holidays.  Brain…turning to sweet, sweet mush.

I put up a blog post yesterday about my inlaws and then felt guilty and took it down (it’s probably in your reader though).  Christmas wasn’t THAT bad.  The following conversation, however, absolutely canNOT go unrecorded:

FIL (inspecting a bottle of Purple Cowboy wine that had been given to me): I’ve never heard of this wine.

Me: That’s what Brother-In-Law got me for Christmas! Cool, huh? 

FIL: Well, I guess that’s what you buy for alcoholics.

Me: …..

      …...I need a drink.

(I’m opting to believe that he was trying to be funny.)

I went for a bra fitting today, having never had one and having been hiking my bras up off my belly button for quite some time now.  I am…not even REMOTELY close to the size I thought I was (cup sizes go up to what now?!!), and I spent over a hundred dollars on one bra

But my rack looks great.

(First person to ask for pics gets a slap upside the head with a tuna.)

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater…in gingerbread.

I’m drinking nog out of my mojito mixing glass.  My seasonal beverages of choice are at odds.

One of my Xmas gifts:


It’s a cookie jar.  The best cookie jar EVER.  Since it can also be used as a distraction during the Zombie Apocalypse.

In addition to the wine and the receptacle for baked goods, I also got a Tassimo (which rocks).  Yes, all of my gifts had something to do with food and beverages.  I’m either really hard to buy for, or I look like I’m wasting away.

We’ll go with that.

What’d YOU get?  C’mon, spill it!

(But…clean it up afterwards.)