More Christmassy crap, covered in glitter because it’s festive: Random Tuesday Thoughts



So….it’s the holiday version of Random Tuesday Thoughts, the one where I’m happy and seasonal (or well seasoned) and positive about Christmas!  Rather than the one where I’m sluggish with turkey dinner and too much nog and inlaw overdose. 

(That’s what you have to look forward to NEXT week.)

So, has anybody got time to get random or are you all frantically baking cookies?

(Do you have extra?  I’ll email you my address.  I have less than 2 weeks to meet my goal of five extra pounds on my ass by New Years’.)

I’m having nog.  Of course.  Why is it that the uber-light, 0%, pretty much tasteless nog is still 210 calories a cup?

His motivations are murky, but I’m pretty sure it’s because Jesus hates my involvement in Christmas.

Speaking of nog, here’s a lovely little item from two years ago, when we spent New Years’ with the inlaws in Hellville.  It was the classy mural on the front of the hotel bar.



Guess where we’re headed for Christmas?

FoN and I tried to recreate the drunken alien angel crafting spectacle this weekend and failed miserably.  Neither of us had anything for craft supplies, not even glow-in-the-dark drinking straws, and we weren’t brave enough to venture out to Michael’s (holiday craft shoppers are insane, you guys).  So we decided we’d drink and wrap presents instead, but we had to keep all the kids in the basement, and there was a lot of “Moooommm, he’s hitting me!” and hysterical non-sleeping and “Mooooooomm, he pinched me!” so we got about 3 presents done and then I had to take my hitting-and-pinching preschooler home.

Christmas would be way more fun without the children.

Farmville for Dummies.  Sadly, yes, really.

Apparently there’s a lunar eclipse tonight, happening on the winter solstice for the first time in 400 years or something?  If I wake up and find out I missed the apocalypse, I’m gonna be pissed.

I’m not sure why but I have “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend” in my head.

Everybody wants a little romance, oh yeeaaaaahhhh yeah yeah!

Does everybody want to play Random Tuesday Thoughts?