I’m pretty sure you can find the spirit of Christmas in glow-in-the-dark drinking straws and gold paint. Where else would it be?

Back in the day, when FoN was a relatively new mom and I was just a clueless 20-something-year-old, we decided one Christmas to get crafty.  If memory serves, which it often doesn’t, FoN didn’t have many decorations for her tree and wanted to make some.  Particularly an angel for the top.

Being an artsy sort, I had a lot of craft supplies. However, we decided to get crafty at FoN’s house for some reason, and she didn’t really know what to get.  I told her to buy some gold spraypaint.  Everything looks Christmassy when you apply gold spraypaint.

She got the requisite spray can, and some wine, and I went over there one evening and we started crafting.

Well, actually, first we drank a glass bottle of wine.  THEN we started crafting.

Well, actually, no, then we started looking around and realizing we didn’t have a whole lot to work with.  We had some styrofoam balls.  Some craft paints.  Some glow-in-the-dark drinking straws.  And some cotton batting.

And, of course, gold spraypaint.

We also had a second bottle of wine.

We attached some styrofoam balls together to form the semblance of a body, and twisted some wings out of gold wire.  They didn’t have much substance though, so we draped some cotton over them. 

Our angel needed a skirt, or something, to keep her from looking like Frosty the Snowman.  Drunk Inspired, I stabbed a bunch of the straws into the bottom styrofoam ball in an outward pattern.  Well..it sort of looked like a skirt. 

If you watched a lot of 80s sci-fi.

I then discovered that two bottles of wine makes mixing paint to create a normal-looking skin tone virtually impossible.  Our poor angel got a mauve paint job and two large, lopsided, almond-shaped eyes.  She was beginning to look slightly…alien.

We sprayed the whole thing gold and called it a night.

Holy crap, do I ever wish I had a picture of that Christmas tree angel.

FoN’s 10-year-old nephew proclaimed it the coolest thing ever, and her mother just shuddered and poured a stiff drink.  I was inclined to agree with the nephew, myself.

Anyway, I need FoN to come over with some wine and gold spray paint, because all I have going on for the top of my tree right now is this lame-ass Santa hat:


Totally needs a styrofoam alien angel with a glow-in-the-dark skirt.