In December I only have time for really short Random Tuesday Thoughts


Oh, hello!  I didn’t see you there behind the stack of Christmas baking!

Well, who am I kidding.  Baking doesn’t last long enough in my house for someone to hide behind it.  You should come out from behind those empty bottles though.

And participate in Random Tuesday Thoughts!

This is the space in which my career-related thoughts would be posted if I didn’t have a (not very strictly enforced) embargo on posting thoughts related to my career.  Use your imagination.

We didn’t have a gift exchange at our company party this year, maybe they saw this.

My tree is up!  And decorated!  And has been for a few days!

Do you think I should water it?

My 3 year old has taken to chewing the tires off all his toy cars.

He has a lot of toy cars.

I’m wondering if he needs a multi vitamin or something.

ThinkGeek shipped me my annual stocking-stuffer order twice.  I could have given TWO lucky kids some monkey chopsticks, but I thought I should be Christmassy and offer to ship them back.  I know, lame.

I like December.  Alfred assumes that all the packages that show up are Christmas gifts and not, oh, a new dress for Keely or anything. 

(January is mostly gifts that I ordered too late.  In case you were wondering.)

I got a bug up my butt the other day and deleted all my extraneous shit off my laptop.  Now I have to try to remember all my website logins.  Try to stop me from doing that again, will ya?

Does everybody else have one of those friends on Facebook, whose statuses seem to consist mostly of complaints about headaches, or queasiness, or general malaise?  Does everybody else want to photoshop a collage of all their recent status updates and then tag them in it, because holy crap, go to a fucking doctor if it’s that bad?

Or stop complaining.  Either way.

On that note, I’m going to go lay down.  I have a headache.