There are a lot of brains in this post: Random Tuesday Thoughts



Yo ho!  And a bottle of rum.  ‘Tis time to round up your random thoughts and make them walk the plank!

(And then link up and visit some other random tuesday pirates.)

Today I got a random Tuesday present in the mail – my favorite!  I (temporarily and delusionally) thought that perhaps my blog had reached the point at which companies randomly send me products, but no, it was a gift from my friend Elle, who has left the province (sob) but apparently still likes to feed into my mental issues.

It was a set of those wordy fridge magnets, “Zombie” edition.  I spent a half an hour or so exorcising my personal demons:


(Disregard the generally poor quality of the photos, due to the crappy lighting in my kitchen, and also the puke-almond color of my fridge, please.)


And, of course, the succint:


(I realized afterwards that I may have been thinking of my JOB, not shambling corpses.)

I keep starting and stopping random thoughts.  They’re not funny.  And you guys are great and all, but I really want to get back to playing Faunasphere.  And composing zombie haikus on the fridge.

Is it haikus or haiki?

I need a zip-up bed, so I don’t have to worry about my blanket-adverse toddler freezing to death at night.  (Alternatively, I can just continue to let him wear his ski pants to bed.)

I just read that Cat fell down the stairs and cracked her head open.  Jesus, people, take better care of yourselves.  You’re all I’ve got. 

“Movember”: Letting guys justify their pedophile-‘staches since 2009!

I actually exercised today.  Don’t act all shocked.  I pedaled on the stationary cycle to justify watching Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

That’s about it.  I think I’ll go back to zombie sonnets, now.  Why don’t you write me one in your own Random Tuesday Thoughts?   Maybe if we flatter them with poetry they won’t eat our brains.