My house smells like menthol: Random Tuesday Thoughts



So obviously I can’t put Random Tuesday Thoughts on hiatus, since it’s apparently the only time I post.  You’re stuck with me (I might call in ringers more often though).

Stop snickering.  I can hear you.

I disabled my Questionable Advice column for now.  Apparently I don’t have time to do that, too.  I’ll fire it back up again when I’m independently wealthy and I have time to sit around all day blogging. 

(Or the more likely scenario, when quit my job in a fiery rage and suddenly have time to sit around all day blogging.)

Now confirmed: skinny jeans make me look like an idiot.  I am unsurprised.  I’m questioning the motives of friends who tell me, “Just wear them with some tall boots and you’re good to go!”  Because then I just look like an idiot…wearing tall boots.

Facebook and Twitter sneakers.  Oooohhhkay then.  Far be it from me to cast aspersion on anybody’s nerdiness, but….NERDS.

Top 48 Ads that would never be allowed today.  Supposedly.  Sadly, other than the artwork, some of them are exactly the SAME as ads that are allowed today.

My mother always tells me, “the universe gives you what you can handle”.  I’m more inclined to think “you handle what the universe gives you…until you can’t anymore and end up with a white coat that has extra long sleeves”.

My kid has croup and I gave it to him.  So I’m going to go lay in a corner and cry bed now.  Get random, you guys.