I have “Sweet Caroline” in my head, how's that for random: Random Tuesday Thoughts



Want to know what’s going on?  Don’t ask me, I’m not sure (although it looks like we’re in a handbasket and we’re aiming for hell).  But today is Tuesday, and I’m feeling sort of arbitrary, so I think I’ll start an internet meme!

I miss reading for pleasure.  Right now I’m multi-tasking three books: “Marketing for Dummies”, “How to Get Your Foot in the Door”, and “Hormone Harmony”.

Yeah, you wish you were me.

I have 3 gmail accounts, one work email, and one hotmail.  All of which I have to check with alarming regularity.  Do you think that’s too many?

Superheroes, in minimalist icon form.  I don’t see SuperKeely on there anywhere.

After posting my little rant yesterday that ended with calling down SkyNet to obliterate us, I’ve been eyeing all my electronics with suspicion.  I become less paranoid about zombies when the province becomes a frozen wasteland, so I guess something else has to take it’s place.

I still love my laptop though. 

(I just said that because I’m pretty sure it’s listening.)

My toddler has stopped hitting me and has opted instead for a strategy of arguing his way out of absolutely everything.  It’s less annoying, but a lot more time consuming.  Also, now I’m a little scared that he’ll grow up to be a lawyer.

Pixar Studios’ response for the It Gets Better Project.  I made it to about 5:25 before I started bawling.

So Jen  has put the Spin Cycle on hiatus.  True confessions – I’ve been thinking about doing the same with Random Tuesdays.  Except then a couple of people emailed me just to tell me how much they love them.

Those assholes.

So I’ll trudge randomly on for a little while longer. 

Well, next Tuesday.  I’m done for the week. 

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