Random Tuesday Thoughts: It’s kind of like when a crack addict falls off the wagon. But with more empty Kit Kat wrappers.


Okay so I’m back to the regular Random Tuesday grind but I can’t guarantee that this will be coherent because after weeks and months of trying to eat well and low-carb and South Beach stupidity, I have kinda lost my mind over Hallowe’en candy like…a kid with Hallowe’en candy.

I consider it saving my toddler from drastic blood sugar spikes and crashes and from cavities and possibly a lifetime of weight issues.

Shut up, you’re totally taking that bullet for your kids too.

Anyway!  On to randomness!  I think I’m a hummingbird!

That button up there looks a little crooked.

I shouldn’t apply for jobs when I’m high on sugar and/or drunk.  I may or may not have referred to myself as having “been in and around the internet since freenet was the way to email, and hand-coding basic HTML sites was still impressive”.

I mean, it’s true, but still.  It makes me sound like a dinosaur.

Then I closed Outlook before the email had left the outbox and missed the deadline.

It’s a good thing I’m pretty.

I’m currently at the “not feeling entirely like puking” point of my Hallowe’en candy cycle of self-abuse.  I think I’ll have more chocolate.

My cel provider just got a 3G network recently.  Good to know we’re slightly ahead of Mt Everest.

This morning I noticed that despite the balmy temperatures, the birds obviously know something we don’t, because they are now exiting the area en masse.  Then I worked up a whole analogy comparing bird migration groups to high school, because there some really BIG groups, who were obviously the popular birds, and then some smaller ones, and then the odd group of like, two.  And then the two or three that were going completely in the wrong direction.

And then I just about rear-ended the car in front of me.  I should save the lengthy analogies for when I’m walking.

I’m in this organize and purge mode right now – referring to my house, not to all the Hallowe’en candy, although I should do myself a favor and hork that up too – and I’ve gone out twice to try to find a small bookshelf to try to corral the thousands of books my kid has.  Both times I’ve come back with something I didn’t know I needed, but no bookshelf.

It seems a bit contradictory.

The ceramic-bottomed frying pan is seriously life-altering, though, and the shower curtain…well, that isn’t life-altering, but maybe people will no longer assume I get all my stuff out of the dumpster.

(For the record, I only get about HALF from there.)

Okay, well, I’m going to go keep saving my son from his Hallowe’en candy, and then I’m going to collapse in a twitchy mass until next October.

See ya there.