A writing exercise in futility

“Writing is a powerful tool.  It focuses you in a way that nothing else can.  Write about the way you want your life to be.  Then write again as though it were already the case.”

That’s what my horoscope said today.  I’m not even shitting you, my horoscope wants me to blog.  Who am I to argue?


“Guess what, honey?!” Keely exclaimed as she burst through the door.

“What?” Alfred* replied absently as he prepared their evening meal of lobster thermador.

“I got a call today, and – whoops!  I’ll be right back, I forgot our son in the car.  He was so quiet, I plumb forgot he was there!”

When she returned, she continued, her perfect skin flushed with excitement: “They called today!  I got the job!” 

“Really? That’s great, honey!  Wait – which job was this?  You interviewed for like, four really great ones.” Alfred expertly plated the lobsters and helped their son into his chair.  The three-year-old picked up his fork and began eating without spilling or screaming or mashing any in his hair.

Keely shed her stylish coat from her slender frame and helped herself to the succulent dish. “The writing one.  But it gets better!  They want me to manage their social media and occasionally do some design work! And the pay is pretty decent, and the benefits are great, and I can work from home sometimes, but who would want to because everybody who works there is so freakin’ HAPPY!”

“Really? That’s fantastic, hon, I’m so proud of you.  Later I’ll feed you grapes and give you a massage with no expectations, okay?”

“Perfect,” Keely replied.

Honest, Universe, that job thing is all I would change about my life.   The rest is already perfect.

Well, okay, maybe an addendum:


“Oh, by the way, the contractors were here and reno’d the kitchen,” Alfred commented.

“I thought it looked different!  The granite counters are pretty great.  And it looks way bigger in here.  How much do we owe them?”

“Oh,” Alfred waved a hand, “They said they’d do it for a blog mention.”



*Someone pointed out lately that I refer to my significant other as “hubby”, even though I we’re not married.  I do that because we’re common-law and it makes him uncomfortable when I use his actual name.  But I thought maybe he needs a better blog name, so I’m going with Alfred.  You know, the guy that cooks and cleans while Batman fights crime?  (What? A GIRL CAN DREAM.)

**This also dovetails nicely into another Spin Cycle.  Thanks, Jen!