So, yeah, Maytag? Call me.

Things have been pretty pinchy around here, financially speaking, for quite a while. I'm willing to make some sacrifices in order to work as little as possible and (up until recently) pay for house cleaners, but sometimes it just grates on you, y'know?

Anyway, I think things are unclenching their butt cheeks a little. Hubby started a little ebay side business, and while nobody's going to be quitting their job anytime soon, it seems like it will be moderately successful. We might have some room to breathe in the sort-of-near future.

Which, as far as I'm concerned, resulted DIRECTLY in the conversation we had the other night:

Me: "Night, hon."

Hubby: "Night."

Me: "....what is that noise?"

Hubby: "What noise?"

Me: "That really loud humming, and some clunking."

Hubby: "The fridge."

Me: "That's our FRIDGE? The one on the other side of the house? With the closed door between it and us?"

Hubby: "Yeah."

Me: "...."

"....we're going to need a new fridge very soon, aren't we?"

Hubby: "Probably."

Me: "Stupid balanced universe with it's stupid balance."

Hubby: "...Night, hon."

(Stupid balanced universe.)