Waffles are kind of like monkeys and toasters: Random Tuesday Thoughts


I have a what now?  A blog? And I’m supposed to write some random stuff on Tuesdays?

Yeah, I guess I can handle that.

You should write some, too, maybe.

This weekend my friend Politika and her kids were in town so she, FoN, and I herded our families out to the local “Pumpkin Hollow” for obligatory autumn fun.  At FoN’s urging I brought my camera, and I got tons of great shots of the beautiful fall day, gorgeous blue skies, golden corn, and the collective shining faces of our small fry.

Then I got home and realized there wasn’t a card in the camera.  Hadn’t been, all day.

I didn’t even know you could do that.

Hubby’s night shifts have…well, shifted, and he now gets out of bed even earlier than I do, two days a week.

In unrelated news, I’ve decided scientists should really look into creating alarm clocks that only go off directly into someone’s BRAIN.  Like dog whistles.  But for husbands.

I haven’t heard from my dream job yet.  I’m sure they’re waiting until their call carries maximum impact. 

I’m not sure how they’ll know I’m about to put rat poison in the coffee maker at my current job, but that would be the time.

This and the Hipstamatic camera app are the only two reasons I want an iPhone.

I am falling behind on my advice-giving.  I am falling behind on everything, this week – I was busy pulling together a portfolio for my dream job and dealing with my kid’s birthday party.

Notice I didn’t say ‘planning’ the birthday party.  There was very little planning involved.  But still, I had to cook a lot of waffles.

Waffles are time-consuming.

You know what ELSE is time-consuming? Random Tuesday Thoughts.  Too bad, do it anyway.  Then visit some of your random compadres.  Comments are the gift that talks back.