Zombie Roundup

Happy Hallowe’en!  You guys have been celebrating all week by sending me links to zombie stuff to try to scare the crap out of me.

Well, guess what?  It worked.  Now knock it off.


Come see the zombie side of Sears!

Some insight from the professor of zombieology.

Everybody’s organizing zombie walks, including this really dramatic one in Sydney.  Seems like a good reason not to move to Sydney.

There is a travel guide for the gourmet zombie for the U.S., but not for Canada.  Somehow I don’t feel much safer.

And of course, The Walking Dead premieres tonight on AMC.  It’s a fantastic graphic novel, very well-written. It’s more about the collapse of our veneer of civilization in the face of a disaster, but of course there ARE zombies in it.  The graphic novels keep me up at night and give me nightmares, so I doubt I’ll be watching the show.  But you should. 

(And then tell me about it, of course.  I’d expect nothing less.  You sickos.)