Random Tuesday Thoughts. That is all, just Random Tuesday Thoughts.



For those of you who worried that my last post meant I wasn’t going to do consistent RTTs, fear not!  Here I am, blathering away, as per usual.  You can’t get rid of me THAT easily.

(Not sure what this is?  It’s non-sequential thoughts that I’ve typed out and posted on a Tuesday!  I know, that was hard, right?  Play along and link up if you’re so inclined.  Or be really random and play along and DON’T link up.  Oh, the hilarity!)

I thought being on WeightWatchers and calling baby carrots with salsa a “snack” was the epitome of sad.  But now I’m on South Beach and eating ricotta cheese masquerading as dessert.  Please, won’t somebody pay for the fucking liposuction?

(Actually, it’s not that bad.)

(Oh god, just kill me now.)

I assumed that the Saturday I spent in a small town hockey rink pimping my wares would probably be a dietary write-off.  But then we got there and our designated booth was between a guy selling homemade bread and a guy selling honey.  Assholes.

The rink facilities weren’t bad.  In the bathroom, you even had your choice of waters: cold or colder.  Except, the drinking fountain was broken so I refilled my water bottle in the bathroom.  It was the most disgusting water I’ve ever tasted but I was really thirsty after repeating the same spiel.  Later they told me there was a reverse osmosis tap in some hidden closet and I should never drink the local water, “it’ll put hair in places you never knew you could grow hair”.

…like I don’t have enough hormonal issues.

Barnes & Noble has an entire GENRE named “Teen Paranormal Romance”.   YOU ARE NOT HELPING THE PROBLEM, Barnes & Noble.

This weekend was FoN’s birthday.  She is now 30mumblemumbleolderthanme.  It’s amazing what she’s still accomplishing at her advanced age, really.

The recent decision to go out and DO more stuff meant that this weekend I took my kid to the park instead of the back yard.

Baby steps, people.

I must thank my MIL for gifting my son with the most obnoxious toy EVER.  It’s a police car with a siren and it doesn’t stop.  I’m not even sure how to turn it off, to be honest.  Xander calls it his “woo woo car”.  Hubby mumbled, “I’m pretty sure that car takes an incredibly rare type of battery, right??”

In fact, this has given me a great idea for a business.  Fruit baskets – but with a tarantula that just happened to “still” be in the bananas.  For those really SPECIAL someones.

I’m going to look into the legalities.

While I do that, you should write some random thoughts.  And then link up!  And then maybe go see what other people have to say for themselves.  I bet they’re all pretty excited to use my new business.