You should probably just skip this post unless you get off on other people’s misery. You sicko. (Random Tuesday Thoughts)


What’s a Random Tuesday Thought?

It’s a thought.  That is random.  On a Tuesday.

You should write some.

So…have I kvetched to you lately about my health problems?   No?  Because I’m really an octogenarian, you see.  A crabby one.

Anyway.  Apparently I now have GALL BLADDER issues.  What those ‘issues’ are, exactly, remains to be seen (free health care is great but it makes you wait unless you’re bleeding or riddled with tumors), but it’s uncomfortable.  So now I don’t get to eat anything good. 

Unless you count ‘lettuce and unseasoned chicken’ as good

If you do, get the hell off my blog. 

In response to these latest dietary restrictions, I decided to just start the South Beach Diet.  I’ve never been that fashion forward, obviously.  Whatever, it tells me what to eat and it fits all the criteria.

Today was the first day and it went okay.  I am totally NOT currently nibbling on the leftover crusts of my toddlers raisin bread.  Nuh uh.

The Willy Wonka 3-course meal chewing gum could become a reality.  Let’s kill them if they make a South Beach version.

Heh.  Willy.

How do I get the RTT button up there all tilty?  It’s an option in Windows Live Writer.  In other words, it’s magic.  I have a pretty solid grasp of HTML, and I can’t actually figure out what the code is that makes it tilty.

It’s just tilty, ok?

My Google Reader count is under 300.  Trust me, that’s impressive.

Carrie Fisher said she did cocaine while filming Empire Strikes Back.  I’m not sure why she chose to tell us this now.  Although she’s apparently become a stand-up comedian.  Maybe she thinks it makes her seem edgy.

I can’t really criticize.  I’m about as edgy as…some kind of blunt object.

Also, witty.

I found a notebook from my early days of blogging. (I found it in the garage, which seems odd.  I’ve only been blogging a couple of years, not decades.)  I’m sure what I wrote made sense to me at the time, but it’s a little cryptic now:

“dog escape ninja tipping…used to having extensive monologue on things like making juice?  Fish aren’t cute, or vegetarians wouldn’t eat them.”

It’s kind of amazing I’ve made it this far.

Although that’s as far as I’m going to make it today.  The effort of typing all these words has made me feel faint. 

(YOU aren’t on South Beach, though, so you should have plenty of energy to visit a few of your RTT buddies.)