What goes on in my dogs head

Oh, man.  My head hurts.  What a bender.  I don’t even remember what…

Oh, shit.  Is that her hoodie?  Did I do that again?  The last thing I remember is…that sweet sweet smell…and then I must have blacked out.

I have got to stop doing this.  I have to get a hold of myself.  I’m going to get kicked out, for sure.  I just…I can’t explain it, man, when I smell that food – a forbidden crumb – I just can’t help myself.  I’m an addict.  Even though it makes me sick.  When I think of all I’ve destroyed…my relationships, two jackets, a camera bag, a pair of jeans, a diaper bag…and now two hoodies…

And when I found myself eating a diaper?  Used food, man?  I know I’ve hit rock bottom.  I just…I don’t know how to stop.

That’s it, though.  If she forgives me after this one – I’m quitting.  Cold turkey.  Except, without the turkey.  I’ll stare any morsel down unless it’s actually handed to me.

Wait.  What was that noise?  Was that – a CHIP BAG BEING LEFT UNATTENDED?

Shit.  I’m going to be homeless for sure.