Mother Nature is a bitch, you'd think we'd hang out more: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Yay! It's Tuesday.

Tuesdays are like my Mondays, since I don't work on Mondays. Except not really. On Monday apparently it was rough going at the office, because I got an email from my boss saying, "You sure picked the right day to be off."

Hello? Mondays are always the right day to be off.

And Tuesdays are always the right day to be random. Got the button? No? Well git it - and git random!

On Saturday it had snowed a fair bit, so I bundled up the whole family and we went out to shovel. We shovelled both walkways and both driveways (front and back). We even shovelled the crabby neighbours' driveway (something I wish I could do more often because, well, they're 85, but I usually have an impatient toddler with me).

Then on Sunday Mother Nature did this:

What a bitch.

I should probably pay more attention to the weather forecast.

I kind of wish I had one of these, to freak out the neighbours for the hour-plus that I spent shovelling snow. But only because they all own snowblowers and are laughing at me anyway.

Can somebody explain what the happy crappy THIS is? It looks like a site that scrapes everyones' feed and replaces a few words (and don't think I wasn't amused that the "cell phone" in my post became "dungeon phone"), but I can't figure out why. There aren't any ads on it or anything. Fame and fortune...?

(If it's a virus delivery system, I'm awfully sorry. But at least we're all going down together?)

Do you think the guy in this pic looks smug because he thinks he looks hawt, or because the pyrex plug is deforming his lips?

I'm finding MMO gaming frustrating lately because I just don't have the hours to dedicate to it that I once did. I love to team with people, but they're not always tolerant of my short timelines or that I have to bugger off because my kid woke up from his nap.

And before you ask, yes, there are groups of like-minded parents who game. They're just really irritating to team with. They never have any time and they're always going afk because of their kids.

Everybody already seen Sleep Talkin' Man? Yes? Good, cause it's freakin' hilarious.

I showed it to hubby, who didn't think it was nearly as funny as I did. He did, however, give me a look of deep suspicion. Then I saw him checking the bedroom for tape recorders.

Because I'm trying to figure out a way to spend MORE time on the computer, on Friday I start my first 'two week' resolution: to enter a competition a day at I realize it's not a very exciting resolution, blog-wise, but I promise to tell you if I win any.

Unless you expect me to share. Then, um...well, have I mentioned what a terrible graphic artist I am? Really, really awful. Nobody would ever pick my designs. Ever.

A note to the poor lost souls that Google brings here: No, I don't know what you should do for your girlfriend. No, I don't know what to do when your dog swallows an avocado pit either (other than freak out). I don't know how to get rid of a manipulative boyfriend other than the way I did (by punching him in the face). And the rest of you? Are fucking gross.

One day, when I feel like alienating ALL my readers, I'll actually post some of the sick things people google. Til then - there's just random Tuesday. Link up, y'all! And go forth, and visit thy neighbour.