My mind is elsewhere, but it has yet to send a postcard so I'm not sure where: Random Tuesday Thoughts


Know what you're doing? Why you're here? No?

Me neither.

I mean, in general. But I know what Tuesday means, and that's randomness. So spew a random post, use the fugly purple button (or don' really IS very ugly) and link up!

My parents got us passes to the Science Centre for Christmas, so I dragged the family over today only to discover that they're closed on Mondays during the lame winter months.

I don't know who was more disappointed, the kid or me.

What? That place is fun.

This morning on CBC I heard one of the DJs talking about New Years resolutions and how nobody ever keeps them for the whole year, so he had decided to make 26 two-week resolutions. He'd just finished the first (lose weight) and done poorly, so he was moving on to his second, which was a much more achievable "learn to cook 4 vegetarian entrees".

Sheer. Brilliance.

My resolution for this fortnight? "Watch Ice Age 423 times."

Stern, but fair, I think.

Star Wars burlesque. You're welcome, guys.

By survey, the most annoying song ever created. Also by survey, what everybody is looking for in a song. Survey says: the one people 'want' is FAR more annoying than the one that's supposed to be annoying.

My boss, fearful that I'm going to get knocked up and abandon him again, has sort of semi-replaced me already. I'm divided about this turn of events. On one hand, I resent being replaced before I'm even gone (or scheduled to be gone). On the other hand, carte blanche to start applying elsewhere!

My kid just overturned the dog dish full of water. I called him a putz. Who's in the wrong here?

I love Though it took me a while to figure out how many Os were in the url. Also, I read about it in the newspaper. That seems wrong, somehow.

Well, that's about it for me. I'm posting early because I have a dinner date with FoN and Politika. Politika visits about once ever 6 months for business, and debauchery usually ensues.

Okay, well, we get about as debauched as a person can get when they're 35 with kids and they have to work the next morning.

So I'm going to go do that. You write a random post and I'll see ya then, ok?