I'll have a dreamscape full of zombified blue cat people: Random Tuesday Thoughts


And it's Tuesday. Again. How does that happen? One minute, you're cruising along thinking you just posted a random type Tuesday post, it's probably only Saturday by now, Sunday tops, and BAM! It's Tuesday again!

The fact that I have to go to work probably should have tipped me off.

Anyway. Write your random, glue it together with spit and the purple button, and link up. Shall we begin?

Best cardio workout ever: carrying your 40-lb toddler while slogging through 2 feet of snow, into a park to use a slide that's been abandoned since October. Seriously, Jillian Michaels has nothing on this. I was seeing black spots. One of them even spoke to me.

(Alternate title: How to NOT freeze to death despite the fact that it's freezing.)

I feel like I've been losing my blogging mojo lately, other than Random Tuesdays. I need something like Stiletto Mom's Shoebox Chronicles. I need topics, people.

Oh, and could you write the posts for me while you're at it? Thanks.

I saw Avatar yesterday. I really liked it, though it wasn't without its faults. The plot was nothing original - it was pretty much Dances With Blue Kitties. And the dialogue wasn't spectacular, though at least it was consistent and didn't try to be witty or anything. But the visuals, holy crap. It's going to be a classic just for that. The way we used to look at closets and wardrobes, hoping that just this once it would open a door to Narnia? That's how this generation is going to be looking at tanning beds.

There was also a trailer for a movie called "Percy Jackson and the Something Something"...which kind of zoomed by but I'm pretty sure was subtitled "Oh Hai I'm Whimsical and Magical and Appealing To The Kid In You That Wanted To Be Special, Can I Be The Next Harry Potter Plz?"

My friend Fashionista gave me the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks as a belated Christmas gift. I just started reading it today.

I'll call her at 3am to thank her, when I'm wide awake and wondering whether boarding up the windows will wake the toddler.

And that's about it for me. I know, right? But I have a feeling I should go read that book before...well, just before.

So write 'em and make 'em random, and be sure to visit your cohorts in craziness to say hi!