Oh, wait, I DO know you - you're that guy with the clown tied up in his garage! (Random Tuesday Thoughts)


Long weekend? Yay! Long weekend, forgot it was Tuesday - Booo! Long weekend, followed by 4 long days at the office instead of the 4(ish) hours I'm used to? BOOO-URNS.

Anyway. It's Tuesday! You know what to do! And if you don't....well, my back still really hurts and I've had a couple of glasses of wine. Ask someone else. Surely ONE of these fine people won't leave you hanging.

After complaining (loudly) for several days about how much my back hurts, I wandered into the bathroom rubbing my eye while hubby was giving the kiddo a bath. "Ouch," I mumbled, reaching for the saline.

"Are you falling apart on me??" he demanded. In a tone that sounded distinctly like, "I have two years left on the warranty, for god's sake!"

Hmph. Surely there's at least THREE years left.

You know how you know you know someone, but you can't remember where you know them from originally, and they keep cropping up in your life in different contexts and you have this mental block about their name every time you see them, so you don't say anything, which makes you seem like a total asshole every single time because, obviously, you KNOW each other?

No? I'm the only one who can manage to be THAT socially inept? Fantastic.

Clowns are creepy. This guy is creepier.

Does anybody else Freecycle? Does anybody else grind their teeth when people fail to pick up their stuff, or offer an excuse or an apology? IT'S FREE, for fuck's sake. You don't even have to talk to me! Just pick it up, because the neighbours are starting to wonder.

One of the things that sucks about my dysfunctional back is that I can't sit and draw for more than, oh, five minutes. It sucks. I was kind of on a roll, there. I really did intend to enter the 'Draw 50 girls 50' contest. And I've asked Churchpunkmom and Onlyaman to come up with a new blog design for me, but it sort of hinges on me actually DRAWING something.

And that's about all I can sit still for this week, folks. Unless I medicate myself more heavily, in which case I'll be totally incoherent anyway.

(Okay, who said "what's new about that?"? I heard you, there in the back.)

So saddle up! There's no recourse! Go kill someone, signed Bad Horse! Git yer Random on, little cowpokes!