Project "I've got to be related to royalty somehow" begins. Sort of.

So after declaring my intentions to trace my family tree in my post yesterday, I suddenly remembered that my Mom had taken a course in geneaology a while back, and gathered a bunch of information. So I called her up to see what she knew, and whether I could steal it.

Because I'm lazy efficient like that.

My Mom wasn't home - she was at a drumming class or some such - so I asked Dad if she'd gotten far with it. He said she had a huge chart, and was filling in information as she went. It was probably best if I looked at it myself rather than relying on him for information. Because, as he said, he "Didn't know much, but -- "

Then he launched into a 20-minute diatribe, full of such fascinating tidbits as: Mom's side were predominantly Highland crofters who were ousted en masse by the British and migrated to Canada; my paternal great-grandfather was the seventh son of a seventh son and was killed when a horse kicked him in the head; my maternal grandfather was an orphan; much of my father's family information was lost when the family Bible was lost in a fire; and it's entirely possibly we're related to a US president.

Holy shit, y'all. I think there's a reason most people do this when they're older. They're retired. They have the TIME.

I'm starting to think "learn Japanese" would have been an easier choice from my bucket list.